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my oh my she just gets better every time I see her, and you can see ALL of her at the aptly named kim kardashian video tape – this is very not safe for work so consider yourself pre-warned! That said, enjoy 😉

And oh – *how* big are her tits now that she has mommy boobs? I can see her wearing lower and more revealing tops as her cleavage gets even bigger and bolder than the already stupendous size it was 😀

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coco celebrity gossip

little bit of celebrity gossip here, courtesy of, concerning that exhibitionist with a big booty, Coco. Married to rapper Ice-T, here she is showing off her curves in another ‘look at me’ publicity grab…


Ice-T put on a united front with his spouse Coco Austin on Monday evening – after pictures of her in a series of steamy poses with rapper AP.9 resurfaced on the web.

The couple attended the Very last Rite’s Gallery in New York, placing on a smiling display as they fortunately posed for the cameras.

Coco was in normal racy form, donning tiny shorts and patterned tights with a leather-based jacket even though Ice-T donned an all-black ensemble to match.

said to be furious over the snaps, which show Coco smirking at the digital camera and wrapping her arm about AP.nine as he plants a kiss on her cheek and burrows his experience in her neck.

The photographs have been taken in Las Vegas, the place Coco is at the moment performing in her topless demonstrate, Peepshow, in a part she just lately took over from expecting Holly Madison previously this calendar year.

Ice-T’s wife has been in Sin Town with no her partner and the renowned rapper has been left outraged by the photos – but tonight she was by his aspect

Irrespective.. They would consider Posed pics every time. Most of them disrespectful and in bad style. She’s made me look.. And really feel like sh*t,’ he tweeted.

The 54-yr-previous discussed to his fans that he was venting on Twitter due to the fact his spouse had displayed ‘misconduct’ for a married girl, and then asked followers to immediate any more questions about the incident to Coco.

‘I say this on Twitter because there is no way to steer clear of the evident misconduct of a married pair.That’s it.Any more concerns

She said he knew a person in the crew from our show and would pop up exactly where ever they would go. He also mentioned he understood me.. I don’t know dude,’ he wrote.

Ice also produced it fairly obvious that he was furious about the accessoire.

‘Don’t get it twisted… I’m not content about this sh*t,’ he stated

Ice also knowledgeable his enthusiasts that he experienced spoken to his spouse about the photos on the web, which he discussed ended up taken when she initial arrived

She has presented me her rationalization of the pics on the internet from her 1st weeks out there with some dude,’ he wrote.

Coco has given that apologised for the accessoire on her very own Twitter account, admitting that they ended up taken in poor flavor.

‘Ice is proper,the pics I took with this guy had been in inadequate style & I disrespected my partner nonetheless the pics had been the only thing that transpired,’ she wrote on Saturday.

Woke up to folks in a worry about some pics,remember to men I’m fortunately married,often supporters & close friends consider silly pictures.Its harmless. #RELAX’ she posted at the start off of the day.

But immediately after Ice vented his fury over the snaps, she was begging for forgiveness.

‘I truly feel so sad,the base line is I love Ice & I can realize why he’s upset theres no justification for my steps.I’m so sorry little one & to evryone,’ she wrote.

Coco and Ice-T have been married for eleven years and will celebrate their 12th marriage ceremony anniversary on New Year’s Eve.

The couple appear in their own actuality Tv set collection about their married life

blonde star made her debut in Peepshow as Bo Peep, a role earlier crammed by a now pregnant Holly Madison, on December 3.

And in a modern job interview, Coco stated she was much more than thrilled about kicking factors off, as properly as her relocation to Vegas.

She explained: ‘I am in excess of my head with exhilaration. I did not know at 1st if I wished to change my New York life-style to Vegas life-style, but I’m, like, what the heck, daily life is far too small.

‘This is in fact what I have been building up to my complete lifestyle. I have been a dancer my whole childhood, and I’m also a performer, so I assume this is the up coming stage in my daily life

And although the purpose does involve some nudity, Coco explained she didn’t uncover any hesitation from her spouse.

She additional to the Las Vegas Sun: ‘He was the initial supporter. Without having his support, I wouldn’t have gone to Vegas at all since I was variety of iffy in the beginning.

‘He explained, “If I was presented a Vegas demonstrate, I would do it. This is right up your alley. You enjoy to display off your body, you like to carry out, and you like to dance. You require to go for it.” And then following that, he gave me a kiss.’

Ice-T and Coco are at present gearing up for the initial of time 3 of their actuality demonstrate

kim kardashian is pregnant

Well it seems Kanye West has forgiven her for the kardashian sex tape and both he and Kim are now expectant parents. Kanye says Kim is currently around 12 weeks pregnant, so one third of the way through her term. No indication as yet as to what sex the child is, though it’s a fair bet Kanye is hoping for a boy, and Kim for a girl – no matter what parents say, that’s almost always how it goes, although obviously there is no disappointment from either side as long as the baby is healthy.

It’s highly unlikely either of them will ever read this page, but a big congratulations and best of wishes to both of them anyway, and much future happiness!

lets talk about kim kardashian

shall we? Well, the first thing you need to know about this now household name, is that she was pretty much unknown until the advent and subsequent leak of her home sex tape that featured herself and famous rapper Ray-J. Kim Kardashian porn movie was born, and sevel million hits later, Kim and pretty much her whole family (they have links to fame – for example Kim’s father was the defending attorney for OJ Simpson in his infamous murder trial) were thrust into the public spotlight.

Prior to this, Kim was the best female friend of none other than one Ms. Paris Hilton, who, of course, is famous for not one but several intimate home tapes, each one with a different partner. She may have money, but it’s fair to say she doesn’t have much class – I get that some people are exhibitionists, that’s fine, hell even I get off on being watched, but c’mon, to profit from it? That’s just being a pornstar (and don’t get me wrong there either – that’s great, but at least own the fact, and dont hide behind ‘it got stolen’ and ‘yeah so did all the others’).

Suffice it to say, sex sells, no matter who you are, and the fact is that thanks to her pretty awesome figure, and very pretty face, Kim is way out in the lead as the most downloaded celebrity sextape of all time.

You can check out the astonishing video (my, my, Ray *is* a big boy!) and get your fill of Kim, as she gets her fill of Ray, by watching the entire movie in all it’s glory over at the Kim Kardashian porn site. Have fun – I did! 😉